Vegan Deodorant Cream - Grapefruit Bergamot 純素天然止汗香體膏 (西柚佛手柑)

Vegan Deodorant Cream - Grapefruit Bergamot 純素天然止汗香體膏 (西柚佛手柑)

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Skincare Benefits: absorbs sweat, neutralize odor, and moisturize pits 


For underarms | Suitable for all skin types (including sensitive pits)

 腋下護理 | 適合所有膚質,包括敏感皮膚 

If you are a fan of citrus, this deodorant cream is for you. Our Grapefruit Bergamot Deodorant Cream smells incredibly citrusy, energizing and uplifting with a essential oils blend of grapefruit, orange, and bergamot. It is vegan, baking soda free (a common irritant in natural deodorant)  and effective in keeping your underarms dry, soft and odour & rash-free for up to 12 hours! 


如果你喜歡柑橘的氣味,那麼一定要嘗試這款香體膏。西柚佛手柑全素天然止汗香體膏西柚、甜橙、和佛手柑精油而製,氣味充滿果香,們人感覺活潑提神。我們的配方採用全素材料及不含小梳打粉天然止汗劑中常見的致敏成份 )有效中和體味長達12小時,令你腋下保持乾爽柔軟及無臭。

Our Deodorant Cream is carefully formulated for sensitive pits and made with 4 organic ingredients:

Arrowroot powder: absorbs moisture & softens the skin
Raw Shea butter: provides nourishment & moisture
Coconut Oil: helps fight odors due to its antibacterial properties & moisturize
Magnesium Hydroxide: toxic-free & gentle deodorizer to keep you dry and odor-free


Ingredients: Organic Arrowroot powder, Organic & Fair-trade Raw Shea butter, Organic Coconut oil, Magnesium hydroxide, essential oils blend of grapefruit, orange, and bergamot

How to use: 

Step 1: Scoop a pea size amount of deodorant with your fingertip or our wooden stick. You can use a pea size amount per pit or for both.
Step 2: Spread the deo cream on your armpits by massaging it until fully absorbed. (This way can help with detoxification and activate underarm lymph system)
Step 3: Reapply if needed after wiping your pits with clean and damp towel.


How to store: Store in cool and dry place. Avoid direct sunlight. If melted, pop it in the fridge for 15 minutes. 

如何存放:存放於陰涼處。避免陽光直射。如果溶化,放入雪櫃15 分鐘後取出正常使用。

Approximate weight 重量: 60g