About us

Soap Yummy is a sustainable handmade soap and skincare brand.

We take pride in integrating natural food ingredients into our products and promote unique food cultures along the way.

The motto of Soap Yummy is to create natural soaps, lip balms, and skincare that are Yummy to the skin & Gentle to the earth. We offer high-quality skincare that is all-natural and nutritious to the skin and ultimately prevent polluting our Mother Nature by adopting low waste production and plastic-free packaging.

Our products are made with sustainable ingredients and delivered in plastic-free packaging, perfect for self-use and as a gift for friends and family!


Soap Yummy 是一個以食材入皂為主打的天然環保手工皂及護膚品牌。我們融合美味營養的食材造出天然及滋潤皮膚的產品,同時配合香港及海外的獨特飲食文化於其中。



Our Story

 Hello, I'm Karina!

My journey in soap making and DIY skincare began in 2017. I became aware of Zero Waste Lifestyle after stumbling upon a TedTalk on YouTube. I was appalled at the excessive waste generated in daily life that never caught my mind before. At the same time, I find the idea of ‘making your own day-to-day products’ to reduce plastic waste deeply inspirational.

Since then, I’ve started a blog on Instagram @thegirlbehindsoapyummy to document my zero waste adventure and the process of making various home and skincare products, such as deodorant, body scrub, laundry powder, and of course HANDMADE SOAP!

The first soap I created was a plain oatmeal soap and I simply love how clean and moisturized my skin felt after shower. After that, I kept working on different recipes until I finally decided to further develop my interest and put my values into a small business.

In April 2019, Soap Yummy was born! It is a combination of my passion in sustainable living, handmade soap, skincare, and food culture (Yep! I’m a big foodie! 😋  ). My goal is to promote eco-conscious skincare while blending in the unique food culture into my work. Apart from handmade soaps and natural skincare products, I also enjoy hosting soap and skincare workshops to share my knowledge with (possibly) everyone!

If you’re interested in joining my plastic-free and natural skincare journey, find me on Instagram and Facebook - @soap.yummy