A Sip of Ceylon Lemon Tea 錫蘭檸檬茶活力皂
A Sip of Ceylon Lemon Tea 錫蘭檸檬茶活力皂
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, A Sip of Ceylon Lemon Tea 錫蘭檸檬茶活力皂

A Sip of Ceylon Lemon Tea 錫蘭檸檬茶活力皂

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Skincare Benefits:  Rich in antioxidants, Hydrating & Energizing


Face & Body Soap | Suitable for all skin types 

臉部及身體皂 | 適合所有膚質

Both black tea and lemon contain a high level of antioxidants while lemon is also rich in vitamin C, this combo has the power to prevent the onset of acne, while olive oil coconut oil can leave your skin hydrated! Not to mention the refreshing scent of citrusy lemon tea is an energy boost!


Inspiration: The simple combination of Ceylon black tea, ice, slices of lemon, and syrup, makes the refreshing Hong Kong-style iced lemon tea! You can order this drink at any local Hong Kong-style diners (Cha Chaan Tengs). To express our love for this no.1 local beverage, we decided to bring its flavors to our soap to freshen up your shower experience!


Ingredients: Olive Oil, Organic Cold-pressed Coconut Oil, Ceylon Black Tea, Sodium Hydroxide (Lye), Lemon Essential Oil, Sweet Tea Fragrance, Ceylon Black Tea Leaves, Sun-dried Lemon Zest


How to use:  Lather up the soap under running water. Rub the lather or the soap directly onto the skin to cleanse. Enjoy the scents and rinse after :)


How to store: To extend the life of your soap, we suggest that you keep it drained between uses, a soap pouch or soap dish would be great!


Approximate weight 重量: 100-110g

Approximate dimensions 尺寸: 7 x 7 x 3 cm

Handmade in Hong Kong with food-grade plant oils and skin-loving food ingredients. Inspired by the unique food culture all over the world. Vegan friendly, palm oil free, and plastic free packaging. 


All of our products are free from synthetic colors, sulfates, and parabens.